EAN and UPC Barcodes

Your official source for UPC and EAN barcodes. 

Instant Delivery of GS1 originated UPC Barcodes (and EANs) 

Quick received our barcode prefixes prior to August of 2002 directly from the GS1. This  means that we pay no renewal fees and we have a legal right to sell  barcodes.

No renewal fees mean that these BARCODES NEVER EXPIRE. These barcodes are yours for life.  No hidden fees, no renewal fees, no set-up fees. If you need a UPC code for your product, we make it fast, inexpensive and easy.

If you are selling in retail stores, on Amazon, Google Merchant or Pandora, iTunes, etc., we can supply you legal, cheap and affordable Barcode Numbers and Graphics with no renewal fees.

  • Our barcodes are accepted worldwide and for all products: food, greeting cards, CDs & DVDs, furniture, household goods, sporting goods, clothing, etc.
  • Ready to Print and readable by all computers and Operating Systems, provides both UPC-A codes and EAN-13 codes plus high resolution graphics (JPG and EPS vector graphics)
  • We guarantee all barcodes to be authentic, unique with no renewal fees.
  • Our barcodes work for all products except pharmaceuticals  and books (books require ISBN).
  • Barcode graphics are sent at 1.5″ x .8″ . You can enlarge or reduce +/-20%.
  • Most stores require valid UPC and/or EAN barcodes. Getting your barcode from Nationwide allows you to get your barcode or barcodes instantly.

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UPC Barcodes are used throughout the United States and Canada. EAN Barcodes are used elsewhere. We provide both.