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Cheap barcodes for Amazon

If you are looking for an inexpensive source for Barcodes for Amazon, you have found it.

QuickUPC received our prefixes from the GS1 (previously known as the UCC – Uniform Code Council) prior to August of 2002 meaning that we have a legal right to sell barcodes and we never pay renewal fees.

This means two things to you: They will NEVER expire AND you only pay one-time for your barcodes. Once you buy them from they are yours…forever!

We also provide UPC and EAN barcode numbers in a handy easy-to-use Excel spreadsheet, plus a certificate of authenticity and transfer of ownership and, in case you need them, the barcode graphics.

Effective August 2008, Amazon recently began their requirements of EAN or UPC (Universal Product Codes) barcode numbers on every product. Efficiency is the key, speeding up fulfillment of your products to your customers.

According to Amazon:
Starting in August 2008, our systems will require a UPC barcode  for products listed in the Home and Garden store. Items without UPCs create challenges for both Amazon and our merchants, but more importantly, they degrade the shopping experience for our customers due to duplicate product listings and incorrect search matches. While we have always advised merchants to provide a UPC for each of their listings, we have not required it until now.

Currently, we require a Universal Product Code (UPC) or a European
Article Numbers (EAN) for many products submitted through our Create a
Product Detail Page feature. We require this identifying data for the
following products:

* Baby Products (UPC or EAN)
* Camera & Photo (UPC or EAN)
* Electronics (UPC or EAN)
* Home, Kitchen & Garden (UPC or EAN)
* Music CD or Cassette (UPC or EAN)
* Musical Instruments (UPC or EAN)
* Software (UPC or EAN)
* Tools & Hardware (UPC or EAN)
* Toys & Games (UPC or EAN)
* Video & DVD (UPC)

If the item you would like to sell falls under one of the categories
listed above and does not have the required product identifier, it
cannot be listed using the Create a Product Detail Page feature.
However, if the item being sold was manufactured or printed prior to
the establishment of UPC codes, you can write to our Seller
Performance group to request permission to create the catalog page
without the UPC. You can contact this department via email using the
following address: