Truth about Barcodes

You want the truth about UPC barcodes?

There are three things that you need to know before you buy a barcode.

  1. Did the barcode company receive their UPC  bar code prefix prior to August of 2002. (Yes!…and we have several prefixes)
  2. Will the company send you a transfer of ownership and a certificate of authenticity. (Yes…we send a transfer of ownership to you which contains guarantee of authenticity)
  3. Are you buying them at the best price you possibly can. (Yes…we have the best prices.)
    …nothing else matters. Really!

Pricing is arbitrary.  Like any other business you take a look at your expenses and then set your price. There are several things that allow us to save money.

  1. We have an automated system – you order and you get your barcodes right away. This means that we save time and YOUR money – this means SAVINGS for you!
  2. Most customer questions are handled by using on quick form on our site.  – this means reducd infrastructure costs – this means we can sell cheaper.
  3. Except  for credit card processing fees and Google ads, we have minimal expenses. All of our expenses are covered by our other businesses.
  4. We have lots and lots of barcodes. If you buy from us, you will save money.  You can either buy from us  or buy from people who are charging $19.95, $39 or $85.oo .  They are the same type of barcodes that ALL ORIGINATED FROM THE GS1.

Every one of the UPC barcode providers on the internet got their barcodes from the same place. We all received our prefixes from the Uniform Code Council (which later became the GS1). In 2002, the GS1 attempted to change the rules of the game…they went back to the original prefix holders and told us that they wanted to charge renewal fees and change the terms of the agreement.

A group of prefix holders went to court and sued the GS1. GS1 lost. All prefix holders who received their prefix prior to August of 2002 were part of the grandfathered program. This means  that we can legally resell barcodes and we do not charge renewal fees.

You want to save money? Buy from